Software Services

Client server application development at Nexus meet today's business need like responding to the market, exploiting an opportunity and attaining total customer satisfaction all depend on the timely, open and rapid flow of information. Nexus specializes in development of high-end client-server applications with user-friendly interfaces. Depending on your business requirements, our consultants and developers will help in developing web-enabled applications and systems.

Client server applications development and integration services

• .Net based client-server solutions

• Database client-server solutions

• Multi client-server solutions in ERP

How do we start application development?

• In order to establish a trust relationship, we usually start from a pilot project to know each other better in both technical and commercial aspects.

• We pay great attention to the project quality and on-time delivery

. • During the development, we will submit our progress report daily and weekly to you by e-mail. The reports will include the work completed and the plan for week.

• We will keep smooth communications with you during the development process through telephone, e-mail, and instant messenger.

• The application will be staged on our servers to ensure visibility and transparency.

How we do application development?

• After receiving the requirement on the custom software application development, we will provide you a proposal including the estimations of the workload, the cost, and the timeframe.

• Once we get the project, the system analyst will immediately start to analyze and design the system to keep our understanding of requirement consistent with you.

• We will spend significant time to listen and study the application scopes of the software, your business needs, and business process. Then we will offer an analyzing result report and a development blueprint (Requirement Specification).

• Led by the project manager, the development team will start the software development according to the development plan and time schedule.

• We will keep you informed with the status and progress of the development at all stages of the development project lifecycle.

• Following the coding phase, we will dedicate our efforts on the testing to minimize bugs.